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Basic Blend

A website, SEO, maps optimization, and the latest in marketing.

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Smart Blend

Basic Blend with a dedicated marketing manager as your personal advisor.

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Pro Blend

Basic and Smart Blend mixed with PPC for full online marketing coverage.

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Blend is everything you need to get your brick and mortar online so you can start bringing in those sweet, sweet, customers. It’s a mix of all the things that make online marketing great. We know you’re going to love it.



A full-featured website — converts 2–5x more than industry average
Clear progress reports
Roadmap detailing all the work being done, plus monthly status reports
Dedicated marketing team
Complete with market analysis and marketing consultation
Coupon promotion
Monthly promos to help you snag more customers
Mobile targeting
Mobile-friendly websites and marketing targeting mobile behavior
SEO and Maps optimization
Better placement — right where your customers are looking
Up-to-date marketing
The latest and greatest methods constantly integrated into your campaign
Paid Search
Your ads online for new customers—fast
Basic Blend
Smart Blend
Pro Blend
SEO & Maps Optimization
Mobile Targeting
Clear Progress Reports
Dedicated Account Manager
Coupon Promotion
Paid Search
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